The only magazine created by pyrates for pyrates! The Pyrates Way has been our first and most successful magazine since 2006. Originally in print until 2010, the online issues have been downloaded almost two million times.
Faire Magazine is the second horse in our stable, first printed in 2008 and online in 2012. It's all about Renaissance Festivals and the people who enjoy them. The magazine has had a bit of a rocky 2014 with downloads up but ad revenue down, thus it closed in early 2015.
Cos & FX Magazine is our newest venture, hoping to help CosPlayers worldwide enjoy this fascinating hobby of dressing and acting like a favorite movie, comic, scifi, or cartoon character.
The Concordium, our Steampunk publication, was first attempted back in 2010, it only lasted for one issue, with virtually no ad revenue. We resurrected it online in 2012 with another issue but the Steampunk community still did not respond.
The future of Kimball Publications lies in our latest adventure, Ape Planet Magazine. Debuting in February 2005, the magazine will explore the Planet of the Apes franchises both old and new.

Kimball Publications was once Black Fox Designs and before that, Kimballgraphics. A lot has changed since 1994 when we first took an online seat, designing websites and providing corporate identities to hundreds of companies. As Black Fox Designs, we brought to life our magazines The Pyrates Way, Faire Magazine, and The Concordium magazines as well as building websites for several online companies.

Now, as Kimball Publications, we've streamlined our focus and yet provide more resources for our customers than ever before from photography to marketing design.

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